About Deep Scrum

Deep Scrum is my Web log about the Scrum framework for agile software projects.

Why Deep Scrum? Because I like to look behind the practices and talk about the principles that make Scrum work. Yes, the practices are important, but success is more important, and knowing how the practices relate to success helps.

I have a strong interest in the quantitative aspects of Scrum. This interest is a reflection of my naturally analytical approach to pretty much everything, which inspired me to get my doctorate in physics. I am fascinated by the mathematics of Scrum, and how its basic concepts arise in a natural way from the fundamentals of project management.

In my ‘day job,’ I manage Scrum projects, teach Scrum to teams and project managers, and lecture on Scrum and software project management (email for details). At other times, I can usually be found reading or making things, and spending time with my family.

Kevin Thompson, Ph.D.

Project Management Professional
Certified Scrum Practitioner
Certified Scrum Master

Contact me through the form below.


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